Artist Statement

"The photographic process in which the image is fixed or in movement is due to the lens, that create an optical illusion. As such, we get the tangible vision of a mental idea when the light and the “real” world meet."


Educated as a fine artist, her work is nowadays focused on photography and video. The notion of time is a recurring theme in Regina Virserius’ work: time which passes, which transforms, which is put into perspective through the body, the landscape, places, objects and rituals.


The post-modernist thinking and structuralist methodologies such as Foucault and Deleuze, gave many of her works their conceptual dimension. The plastic, artistic and intellectual influences, which we call “the photography tableau”, were decisive in the development of her artistic path. In a general manner, Regina Virserius’ work seeks to explore the fundamental question of the perception of reality and its transformation through photography, the optical illusion. The bodies, portraits, landscapes, objects and still lifes bring a stillness to the subject through photographic isolation. This stillness conveys a timeless presence and a significance which go beyond the subject itself. It is on these bases that the artist creates the photographic images, with the decisive approach of a visual artist.

Created by Induxia