Musée des Confluences

Regina Virserius proposes Movement (a series based on scientific objects). By fixing an object whose meaning comes precisely from movement, photography allows a displacement that leads us to perceive it in another way. This possibility of transfiguring such a celebrated object incited Regina Virserius to look at other less-known items that, in one way or another, illustrate, measure or calculate space, time, intervals in time, in a word: intelligible.By setting the objects out of context against a black background, by a rendering of the image pushed towards an "extraordinary" vision, more real than real, these scientific forms, the historically dated gear wheels, exhibited with an evIdent concern for teaching, acquire an aesthetic and poetic dimension. In consequence, profoundly structured in their form, these images of objects invite another regard that can draw on both emotion and rationality, that can be as sensitive to the purity and balance of the formal lines as to a legitimate questioning of these objects’ function, their usefulness, and of the unlikely interlocking of these gear wheels.

Created by Induxia